Use Case

Case Study: Implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud for Comprehensive Sales and Contract Management

Escape Force
Published on
February 7, 2024

A leading tech solutions provider, aiming to streamline its sales processes, contract
management, and pricing strategies, decides to leverage Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The
company has identified several key requirements to enhance their sales operations and
customer engagement. Their diverse needs include advanced quote creation, handling
historic contracts, dynamic pricing models, and integrating various technologies for a
seamless workflow.
● To automate and optimize contracting and quote creation for a range of
● To integrate historical data from quotes and contracts transferred from another
● To implement dynamic pricing adjustments based on external system inputs.
● To accommodate account-specific contract variations and support custom
bundle creations.
● To streamline the discount approval process and manage product pricing
changes efficiently.
● To enable easy replication of contracts for new clients with minor adjustments.
● To facilitate the cloning of quotes for re-use, ensuring document signing and
contract validation.
● To support multi-tiered pricing, cost estimation, and enforce pricing rules.
Implementation Strategy:
Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ: Utilize Salesforce CPQ for
advanced quote-to-cash processes, including contracting, custom quote creation,
and pricing rules management. Sales Cloud will serve as the backbone for CRM
and sales management.
Data Migration and Sync with External Systems: Implement custom integrations
to transfer historic quotes and contracts from the existing system. Use APIs to
fetch and update pricing models as determined by external systems, ensuring
real-time accuracy.

Product Bundling and Adhoc Creation: Leverage CPQ's capabilities to allow sales
representatives to bundle products and create adhoc bundles, catering to
specific customer needs.
Discount Management and Approval Workflow: Configure CPQ to automate the
discount approval process, setting up thresholds and approval hierarchies to
speed up sales cycles.
External Pricing Updates via API: Develop and utilize APIs for seamless
integration with external systems for dynamic pricing updates. This integration
will be facilitated through Salesforce's robust API framework and supported by
AWS for scalability.
Contract Cloning and Automation: Utilize CPQ and Sales Cloud features to clone
existing quotes for reuse and automate repeatable contracts, reducing manual
efforts and ensuring consistency.
Digital Signature and Validation: Integrate with third-party document signing
applications through Salesforce to automate contract signing and validation
Multi-tiered Pricing and Cost Estimation: Use CPQ's advanced pricing features to
support multiple pricing tiers, implement cost estimation tools, and set up
complex pricing rules.
Technology Ecosystem Integration:
● Financial Force: Integrate for accounting and financial management.
● AWS and Heroku: Leverage for hosting, scalability, and additional
computing needs.
● Internal Application: Ensure seamless data exchange with Salesforce
through custom integrations.
● Salesforce Service Cloud: Utilize for post-sale customer service and
● Slack and Sharepoint: Integrate for internal collaboration, document
management, and communication.

Expected Outcomes:
● Streamlined and automated sales processes, from quote to contract signing.
● Real-time pricing adjustments and custom contract variations, enhancing sales
● Improved efficiency in managing discounts and approvals, reducing sales cycle
● Enhanced customer satisfaction through tailored product bundling and contract

● Comprehensive integration with technology stack, ensuring a cohesive and
efficient workflow.
This use case demonstrates the powerful capabilities of Salesforce Revenue Cloud
when combined with other technologies to create a robust, flexible, and integrated sales
and contract management system.

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