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Planning or purchasing Salesforce CRM. What next?

Salesforce can be a beast, and it isn't easy to configure it to your business needs. This is where Salesforce Partners like us are engaged. With our extensive experience, we will be able to remove the fluff and marketing terms to the practicality of the application and approach in making it viable for your business, starting with the out-of-the-box that is already available to you. We will avoid costly implementations, and we will be able to make appropriate recommendations to best use your investment in Salesforce.

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Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce implementations are meant to be quick so you can take advantage of your investment.

Our recommendation always starts with understanding your business process and mapping it to the features already provided by Salesforce. They are commonly referred to as "Out of the box." If there is no capability that is unique to your need, then we'll make our recommendation based on Salesforce best practices and give you the background to make the best-informed decision based on ROI.

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    Salesforce Maintenance Plan

    Implementation is complete, and the company is using the brand-new implementation. But as with any software, a maintenance plan is required.

    Salesforce has quarterly updates, and your business has changed. We provide maintenance and support with highly flexible plans for some of the industry's best. These plans result from years of experience implementing software solutions across various industries.

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      AWS - Multiple Options

      AWS Cloud is number #1 in Cloud Offerings. It's common for many organizations to move to a cloud offering that is easily available and reliable

      Companies are planning whether to have a private VPN or shared VPN. Picking the proper firewall and planning the security path to ensure the system monitoring and all vulnerabilities are addressed quickly is a mammoth task. Even choosing the appropriate RDS, be it SQL server, Aurora, Redshift, or Postgres, is a task that our Architects have done many times for various clients. Many more details and architectural decisions must be planned for the correct implementation, or it will not be easy to reverse.

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      AWS Guidance

      Experts like Escape Force can provide guidance.

      Guidance is needed in planning and evolving the Architecture based on the best practices from AWS. Guidance is also needed in defining the expected expense. AWS can become a costly opex if not designed and planned to benefit the organization correctly. Cost escalation is a familiar story, and we at Escape Force have handled scenarios sometimes after another consulting company has completed the work. Hence, prudence and the right approach will reduce operation expenses and greater operational efficiency.

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        AWS -Managing Resources

        AWS Cloud is number #1 in Cloud Offerings. It's common for many organizations to move to a readily available and reliable cloud offering. But how do you manage the resources effectively for sustained operation and continued growth?

        We at Escape Force have done it all. We monitor and manage the resources and advise when we believe the organization can further improve and be aware of pitfalls with changing times and AWS advancements.

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          Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

          We let our clients speak for us. From small business to several fortune 500 companies that we have guided and developed their implementations. It has been a journey in fulfilling their business dream.

          "Commitment to quality"

          "I want to personally extend my gratitude for the years of service and excellent work you and your team have provided. Your commitment to quality and professionalism has been exemplary and is sincerely appreciated."

          Pay Cargo
          "Deep understanding of telecommunication"

          "Deep understanding of the the telecommunication industry and their expertise, dedication, and strategic guidance were invaluable throughout the duration of the project"

          "Perfect Partner"

          "our operations team had to spend hours each day .. incredibly frustrating ... we found the perfect partner for our business and could not imagine more"

          GreenStar BIO
          "Ease of use CPQ design"


          We provide helpful insights and knowledge.

          With years of experience, we can provide insights and helpful tips that let you make informed decisions. We have helped companies recover from projects poorly implemented. Talk to us, and we'll give you our insights without obligation to partner with us.

            What Does it Cost to Work with the Best?

            We know cost very well on cost management, and we will recommend a solution only if there is an ROI. Else, we'll provide you with an alternative solution that will fit your budget.

            CRM Starter Pack

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            Best for SMAll BUsiness

            CRM Starter pack primarily focuses on small businesses new to Salesforce. It will get you up and running in 2-3 weeks.

            Collaboration Pack

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            Small businesses with integration are plans for businesses that must integrate with external systems. Typical integrations are payment systems, invoicing systems, QuickBooks integrations, Address verification, etc. This plan will get the business up and running in 4 - 6 weeks.

            Hybrid Model

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            For Mid to Large Business

            Hybrid models are for medium to larger organizations that require typical project paths. The organization may also have multiple clouds and integrations. We follow the agile methodology, and the team has set deliverables at the end of each sprint cycle. We will also include a training and transition plan for these projects. Salesforce / AWS architects lead these projects. The hybrid approach also gives you the option of having a combination of onshore and offshore resources. The model helps keep the project's overall cost lower than most typical projects of the same size.

            Only Onshore

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            for Business with onsite needs

            Only Onshore is for medium to larger organizations that require typical project paths. The model is similar to the hybrid model, but all the resources are onshore. In some scenarios, due to the nature of the projects, all the resources need to be on-site or remote but available when needed on-site.

            Out of the Box Thinkers

            We think out-of-the-box solutions will get you up and running quickly. We understand the need for practical, efficient, and quality solutions to make your business development and growth a reality.

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            Have another question? Contact us.

            Who is Escape Force?

            We are a team of Salesforce Architects and Consultants.With years of experience, we have seen what works and the best practices that will provide optimal value to a company's investment.

            How do I contact support?

            You can send us an email or call our phone line and press #2

            Do you offer maintenance plan?

            Yes, we have different maintenance plans. Contacts sales and we can help you choos the right plan.

            Do you offer training?

            Yes, we offer customized training on Salesforce products tailored to your business process.

            Is there an AI plan?

            AI plan is crucial for leveraging artificial intelligence effectively to drive business growth, innovation, and competitiveness. We have incorporated generative AI process that can give insights into the data and processes within organizations. Talk to us to know more about it and how it can fit your specific needs. Also see our blog on leveraging document AI.

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