Use Case

Case Study: Personalized Customer Engagement and Analytics with Marketing Cloud

Escape Force
Published on
February 7, 2024

A multinational corporation seeks to enhance its customer engagement by deploying
personalized marketing journeys across different divisions. Utilizing Salesforce's
ecosystem, along with AWS Lambda for custom automation and Tableau for advanced
analytics, the corporation aims to streamline its marketing efforts, improve customer
interactions, and drive sales.
Requirements and Solutions
Contacts from Salesforce sent on different journeys:
● Solution: Utilize Marketing Cloud's Journey Builder to design tailored
customer journeys. Sales Cloud will serve as the primary source of
contact data, which can be segmented based on criteria such as customer
behavior, preferences, and purchase history.
Divisional Independence:
● Solution: Implement Marketing Cloud's Business Units feature, allowing
each division to operate independently. This setup enables divisions to
manage their own marketing strategies, content, and customer journeys
while maintaining alignment with corporate goals.
Common and Division-Specific Journeys:
● Solution: Use shared data extensions in Marketing Cloud to allow access
to common customer segments and journeys, while also permitting
divisions to create and manage their own unique journeys.
Content Variation:
● Solution: Leverage Content Builder in Marketing Cloud for creating and
managing diverse content specific to each division. Dynamic content
features can automatically customize messages based on customer data.
Customer Interaction and Response Measurement:
● Solution: Employ Marketing Cloud's Email Studio and Interaction Studio to
track customer interactions, responses, and engagement metrics. Use
Salesforce's Einstein Analytics to gain insights into customer behavior.
Incorporation of Contacts from External Systems:
● Solution: Use Salesforce's Data Import Wizard or third-party ETL tools to
integrate contacts from external systems. AWS Lambda can automate
data transformation and loading processes.
Exclusion List Management:

● Solution: Maintain exclusion lists within Marketing Cloud to ensure
compliance and respect customer preferences across all marketing
Analytics for Marketing Team:
● Solution: Utilize Tableau integrated with Salesforce for advanced analytics.
Create custom dashboards and reports to analyze user behavior,
campaign performance, and ROI.
Event Tracking:
● Solution: Implement Marketing Cloud's Web & Mobile Analytics to track
customer interactions with digital assets. Salesforce's Platform Events
can also capture and respond to customer actions in real-time.
Payments and Transactional Emails:
● Solution: Use Journey Builder to automate transactional emails, such as
payment confirmations. Integrate with external payment platforms using
Salesforce's API or AWS Lambda for seamless transaction processing.

Technology Stack
● Salesforce Sales Cloud: Central hub for contact data and customer interactions.
● Salesforce Service Cloud: Support customer service operations and case
● Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Drive personalized marketing journeys and
● AWS Lambda: Automate data processing and integration tasks.
● Tableau: Provide advanced analytics and custom reporting.
● Dashboards and Reports: Built-in Salesforce and Tableau for real-time insights
and performance monitoring.
This use case demonstrates a strategic approach to enhancing customer engagement
across different divisions using Salesforce's comprehensive suite, AWS Lambda for
automation, and Tableau for in-depth analytics. By leveraging these technologies, the
corporation can ensure that its marketing efforts are personalized, data-driven, and
effectively measured for continuous improvement.

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